Wednesday, April 21, 2010


After a nerve-racking presentation, a few stiff drinks, and a sigh of relief: I am finally done with my seminar project on Rasputin. This concludes a few months of repeatedly drawing an evil maniac doing what he does best - evil, maniacal things.

I framed the whole project as an article in The Atlantic, though I cleverly disguised it as a fictitious magazine: The Pacific. The whole thing is 20 pages long, cover to cover, and every spread has at least one image on it. It's got advertisements, a re-subscription card, and shiny paper, as well. This thing had to be authentic.

I'm posting a few of my favorite images below, but if you want to see the entire project in PDF form, click HERE!

And now, time for the show....


Left: Rasputin tricking girls into sleeping with him by telling them that he was a vehicle for their salvation. Right: Rasputin becomes ubiquitous in the royal palace and makes various impressions on different people. These run the gamut from raping nuns to charming the empress. 

Left: Advertisement for Absolut Vodka. Right: Rasputin suggests the emperor accompany the Russian army to the front lines of WWI. They suffer disastrous defeat in the West, while Rasputin gains power at home. 

One of Rasputin's many adversaries was Pyotr Stolypin who became prime minister and tried to compile a list of grievances and evidence against Rasputin. He failed and was assassinated.

The central theme of my article was that Rasputin and Rumsfeld served similar political roles. Here is the introductory spread drawing the comparison. 

I hope you enjoy the magic of Rasputin. And remember, if you want to see it all in PDF form, just click HERE!

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