Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Statesman and more

Got a nice little editorial assignment a few weeks ago that I can finally publish. It was a half-page illustration for New Statesman magazine; a political magazine that runs in the UK. The entire issue was about Pakistan, and this particular article involved two old men, a retired colonel and doctor, discussing the current state of the nation. I had about a day to do it...good times.

Here is some personal work. This is in my quest to get better drawing landscapes.

More personal work. This drawing was based on some drawings I did at the Missouri History Museum. They had these awesome lifesize statues of dock workers that I couldn't resist drawing...

This is an old Student Life illustration that I revisited...for the third time.


  1. wow congrats on getting published in the UK!

  2. Wooo. Congratulations! These look amazing!

  3. wooooo! looking good. I really like the image with the boat and the palm trees.

  4. ps- looks like you are using more green these days. I though you hated it?

  5. Yeah...green is making a comeback.