Tuesday, December 21, 2010

American Express comes to St. Louis

Last spring (I'm just now posting this now...I know) I worked on an illustration for American Express. Working with art director Tom Grillo at Siegle + Gale, the job was to create a small decal for points of purchase around St. Louis. Something that captured the spirit of St. Louis (no pun intended), and something that wasn't just a big picture of the Arch.

I'm just posting this now because I just saw the decal at the Chase Park Plaza movie theater, making me ridiculously happy.

Here is the final decal. It appears much smaller (roughly 3x3") in print.
Here is the image in context. I didn't even notice it posted on the window until somebody pointed it out to me. At that point, I held up the line to take a picture. 

Here are some sketches. There were about 20 sketches in total. Fortunately for me, St. Louis has a lot of great landmarks and history to go off of. Unfortunately for me, this all had to fit into a 3x3" space.

We ended up going with a concept that represents St. Louis' rich history. St. Louis is a city that takes a lot of pride in its past. Hopefully, the rest speaks for itself. 


  1. Hi Mike! This is a really nice piece! I'm so glad that I finally saw work for another city. You see, I did the same project, but for the Philadelphia area. I've been dying to see what other folks have done for their areas, but no one else has seemed to post anything. I really like your work - going to add it to my bookmark.

    PS - here's a link to the blog post with my Amex decal on it (I took pictures of the decal out in the wild and tote bag too!) http://melcherillustration.blogspot.com/2010/11/november-news.html

  2. hy,I just discover your work and I do really like theese illustrations,
    your colour palette and the way you compose your illustration with your personal way to draw, great! I'm working on the city-theme too,( Paris, France) love to fill my sctechbook with parisian places, dorothea