Saturday, November 5, 2011

Famous Fictional Family Feud

Last night was Dan Zettwoch's annual Famous Fictional show. The theme: Family Feud. Invited artists were asked to create two images, the same size, that feature families from film, television, and/or literature. I chose to portray the Cranes, from Frasier, and the big fat Greek family, from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

"This 1987 is sublime."


Soon after starting on these portraits, I realized that I'd made a bad decision. I should have picked a family from literature, where I could draw people from my imagination. Instead, I'd picked a movie with a giant ensemble cast (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and now I had to draw 8 likenesses - plus the 4 likenesses from Frasier. Why did I do this to myself? least it was good practice.

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