Monday, September 9, 2013

Institutional Investor 2

A couple of fun pieces for Institutional Investor magazine. Once again, the point of this assignment was to take a dry article, so technical I can't understand it, and make something colorful. In assignments like these, it's common to work from summaries instead of from the actual article. Normally I don't like working that way, but I'll choose a summary over financial jargon any day. It doesn't hurt that the editors at II are great at summarizing, too. 

This article was about the formation of a new credit rating company from a few different rating agencies around the world. The point is to offer a new outlook, one that goes beyond the standard "New York City perspective" which has failed so many times in recent memory.

This article was about increased oversight on cartels (scheming, price-fixing collusion in the marketplace).

AD: Diana Panfil

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