Monday, August 17, 2009

It is time....

I've given in to peer pressure (once again) and created this blog. I am not going to say anything fancy...probably...but I will post the stuff I'm working on. I will start with this summer, from the beginning. Here is part one:

I spent two months of my summer not drawing anything. I was doing web design, a lot, and I was playing a lot of video games. Rotting my brain, and all that. But then I decided to start a series of drawings where I would look in magazines and take people in there as inspirations to build portraits/scenes around. This was my first image in that series.

And then came this guy. I like him. I was trying out some new things with coloring using three levels of shadows. I applied the same technique in the next drawing.

This one I adjusted more and I decided to build a story around this sultry looking model who ended up looking sad after I finished drawing her. The whole foxy-boxing thing kind of came out of my crazy brain.

More to come!

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