Friday, August 21, 2009

It is time... (continued)

More work from the summer:

My next project was a re-do of a project I did in high school: Alice in Corporateland. It was done as a gift for my dad, who collects Alice in Wonderland books/merchandise. This time around, I redid all of the line art, played around with the composition, and added color and texture. I basically just updated it from a WACOM tablet practice session, to my current style. [January, 2010 edit: this is actually still a work in progress. I've posted the updated updated version above). Here is what the original looked like:

Here is a drawing of a sleezy British person. No backstory or details necessary...

After I finished these projects, I started illustrating scenes from stories I'd written before in Fiction Writing classes. Current inspiration was hard to find, so I needed to go back and use ideas from the past. This illustration was from a story I wrote about a door-to-door missionary who meets a decrepit, apocalypse-obsessed hermit. This is that hermit, Matthew, when he answers the door.

For this drawing, I really focused on the details of the house, since I usually skimp on environment design. I also focused a lot on the details in his coat and hair.

Lastly (I still have some works in progress, and stuff from work that I'm not sure if I can show), is this illustrated panel from an old graphic novel my friend and I ambitiously attempted freshman year. We decided to just slack off and play video games, instead, ultimately. Now, though, I figured it would provide some interesting content to render fully. Here:

More to come!

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