Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another semester ends...

Here is the third and final installment of last semester's chronicle. Then I'll go back to non-daily, sporadic posting. I promise.

Meanwhile, in Doug's class: rather than focus on large-scale, weeks-long projects, as in Jeff's class, I worked on a flurry of quicker drawings, based less on conceptualization and more on furthering my style and craft. It started with an extension of the 100 figures assignment (draw more figures), then turned into drawings of groups of people (riots, mobs, crowds). Then I was sent out into the world to draw people on location - which I enjoyed less than drawing dozens of people trampling each other in epic scenes. Here are some more figures and mobs from Doug's class:

 A drawing of Sithya; the village elder of Sithya-tanda, a place I visited while in India last summer.

A good ole-fashion baseball fight.

A (soccer?) riot. 

 After these drawings - about twenty or so total (you can see them all: here), it was time for the final project of the semester. Doug gave me some suggestions, and I picked a fun one: go to a hockey game and record the experience, then distill the experience into a visual essay. It ended up being about ten images. I used the assignment to experiment with color usage and take into account criticism on my earlier projects - lack of scale shifts and differentiation between people. Here are some examples:


To see more of the hockey drawings, click here 

And that's the semester.

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  1. I loooove the Sithya drawing! And the hockey pieces, of course. :)