Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 months later (continued)...

....Then things got kind of crazy. On the weekend before Yom Kippur, Doug assigns us 100 figure drawings. We had roughly 72 hours. 72 hours which were spent drawing, and drawing, and sleeping a little, but then more drawing. Despite its dauntingness and sadism, it was a great assignment. I'm not used to working at such a frantic pace, and so I discovered how a primal, desperate-for-time Mike works. I also fit in a little bit of fun. Here are a few:

In Jeff's class, we moved from stories to articles - from illustrating very complex subject matter, to illustrating very simple, trite subject matter. The articles were from in-flight magazines, and ranged from topics like cartilage regrowth to social support networks.

Cartilage growth and the pain involved if left untreated. That was the topic of this illustration.

This article explained how your network of friends is one of your biggest assets in landing a job.

For Jeff's final assignment, I created a poster for Sam Shepard's play Buried Child, a powerful, chaotic, and disturbing piece of work. My goal for this was to capture all of the chaos bouncing around the house - the disjointed actions of six different characters who are occupying six seemingly different worlds. This was definitely a departure for me: working on such a cluttered, complicated composition. I usually try to simplify things a whole lot and emphasize a few things clearly. Here was a new challenge. The result:

More to come...


  1. That knee picture makes me cringe every time. Which means it works!

    ...it's super effective! [/pokemon]

  2. that cartilage piece is so freaking good. i also love you poster, of course!