Sunday, March 21, 2010

Student Life Illustrations

In the next month or so I will be wrapping up my tenure as the Senior Graphics Editor for Student Life, the independent student newspaper that serves our campus. I've done a whole buttload of illustrations for it in the last 3 years, but I'm just going to post some of the ones from this year (both semesters).

First: First of the year. This article was about Chancellor Wrighton supporting clean coal initiatives for our university. 
Second: An article expressing the need for more male support groups.

 First: An article about negative censorship in a high school newspaper.  
Second: An article about fitting yourself with a new persona before going off to college.

First: The article noted how old people like to have fun, too.   
Second: How our society still assigns value to people based on the value (darkness) of their skin.

First: The article talked about not being so hard on yourself when self-evaluating.   Second: A very frivolous article about one student's experience being alone in the school library over spring break.

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