Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Studio

I moved back to St. Louis about a month ago - now I'm living in the Central West End and working from home. The apartment is great; it's the servant's quarters of an 1894 mansion. We're up on the third floor, with plenty of space. Those servants must have lived well.

Here are some pictures of my studio space, where I sit for hours a day slaving away.

My desk, bulletin board, and supply drawers...I have a chair, too...just not in this picture.

The wall of art and design
And here is a wonky panorama of the whole space.
I also found out that two of my pieces (Soccer Riot and Spectating) will appear in CMYK no. 48! I'm honored that the judge, Penelope Dullaghan (a terrific illustrator whose work I love) liked my work enough to include two pieces. 

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  1. woooo! new studio! very organized as always.