Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back in St. Louis

After a few months living home in Massachusetts, I'm back in St. Louis, for good. It was tough moving everything up three flights of narrow stairs, but my new studio is set up and everything is good to go. 

First, a new piece. I attended 3x3 Magazine's First Annual Nuts & Bolts conference in NYC this past month (which was great!), and one of the biggest things that I took away from it is that my portfolio needed some trimming. There was just way too much in there. As I was looking through it, making the painful decisions of what to hide from the world forever, I happened upon two portraits that I very much enjoy, but weren't really strong enough to stand in my portfolio. They were just standard portraits...they didn't offer much besides style. 


So I decided to combine them into some sort of narrative. Something that would still highlight the stylistic decisions I made in each piece, but something that was more than a static portrait. Here is the result. 

My daughter...?
So, if you look through my website's illustration portfolio, you might notice that it's about a third of the size that it used to be. Well, I hope you can still enjoy the piece that's left.

Finally, here is my new business card, coming to a wallet near you:

1 comment:

  1. I like the narrative piece a lot more, and you get to keep the awesome portraits! I declare this a win.

    Also, snazzy business card. I like it!