Thursday, January 5, 2012

St. Louis Magazine - Bob Cassilly Feature

I recently worked with Sarah Norwood over at St. Louis Magazine to illustrate the intro spread for their article on Bob Cassilly. Cassilly was a legendary sculptor in St. Louis - it's hard to drive around the city without seeing one of his larger-than-life-size sculptures. He recently died in a tragic bulldozer accident (while working on a new project), and this article beautifully summed up his life, career, and memory.

If you've never been to St. Louis, I urge you to take a trip here and visit the City Museum, Cassilly's masterpiece and one of the most fun places I've ever been.

The illustration was almost as fun to draw - tons of zany things that normally wouldn't fit together splashed together in one spread. A praying mantis, two airplanes, a butterfly, turtle, apartment building, giraffe, and a school bus all in one picture? Madness!

This was the spread without the text.

Here's the spread, after print. 

A drop cap I was also commissioned to do for the first page of the article.

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