Monday, January 9, 2012

Thank You Notes

There's really only one thing you have to do in January, and it's thank you notes. I dug up these two ones from the archives - I drew them awhile ago. I hope that they might bring you a little inspiration through the tedious process of figuring out how to thank people in a heartfelt way (that secretly suggests: look at me, I'm an illustrator! You should hire me some day!).

This card was for my landlords, shortly after we moved in. It was a thank you for all the help moving and setting up the apartment - for being good landlords in general. Note: I do not own a stately mansion. I live in the renovated attic (once the servants' quarters) that you enter through a side-door. 

This was for a former oboe instructor (yes, I play the oboe), thanking her for 4 years of fine instruction. 

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