Monday, January 4, 2010

5 months later...

Let me start with an admission: I really suck at updating my blog. It's been almost five months since my last post - the entirety of my senior year fall semester, and most of my winter vacation. As tends to be the case with 5 month intervals, a lot has happened. Rather than write a Lawrence of Arabia-sized blog posts, I will share as much as I can over the course of a few blog posts this week. I'll start with the beginning of this, er, last semester.

I had two studios: Illustrating Texts, with Jeff Pike, which focused on taking a variety of textual sources and creating illustrations that dealt with the source on a conceptual level - and looked good. The second studio was Visual Worlds, with Doug B. Dowd, which focused on developing a personal style and a distinct way of seeing the world - aka, making a crap-ton of drawings. Both pushed me in different ways and exercised different muscles, and, by the end, I'd made enough pictures to cover a wall - and I did, during my final review. For Jeff's class, I started off the semester by illustrating a song lyric ("So what, I'm still a rock star"),

and going to the mall to draw people at the Cardinals merchandise store, in a three panel series. Here is the first, and my favorite, panel:

In Jeff's class, our next assignment was to illustrate one of two Flannery O'Connor stories. I went with The Turkey, a story about how a child's (Ruller) relationship with God is shaped by his pursuit of a wild turkey. Here is one of the spot illustrations, depicting the end of the story, where Ruller loses his catch to some country boys:

In Doug's class, we worked on a "silent conflict" - creating a storyboard which depicts a conflict without the use of dialogue or text of any kind. My conflict involved an obese man's choice between his attractive date and the meatball that fell on the floor.

Here is a link to the whole thing: Click Me!
Just click the first image, and then use the Next button in the slide to progress through.
Apparently, my talents do not lie in storyboarding. But that is okay; I had fun doing the assignment, once I finally settled on an idea. I hope you get a hoot from the ending!

This was the first month or so of the semester. More to come...


  1. \o/ Finally! Lol. I'm still in love with the image from the mall project.

    Hope your thesis is going well!

  2. nice! looking forward to seeing more~!

    it's hard to update during the semester, cause.. yeah. studio. yeah.